MONSOON Menswear Commercial

“Perfect design starts with the great sewing and ends with an incredible look.”

Producer Director DP Ron Cobert shoots a cool New York City vibe commercial starring Jeremy Dufour for Monsoon. Art Director is Zen Shinohara, Coordinator Tomomi Suzuki, Pianist Orie Sato.

The Win Project Campaign

We are happy to have increased the audience for The Win Project, a 501c3 that renovates areas that need the assistance. Reach out to them to be a part of the mission. This is what they do:

Land use and planning,

Real estate appraisal, development, and sales,

Managed and supervised relocation and case management staff

Knowledge of building and safety codes

Eminent domain relocation and acquisition,

Project management,

Conflict resolution,

Counseling for low-income families, including job training, job re-entry

preparation, parenting classes, and return to school services

HUD of federal, state, and local government guidelines, and report preparation

Consultation for housing, land acquisition, and urban blight projects

Pre-section 8 housing inspections,

Rental negotiations

Lighting World Campaign

Lighting World Electrical Service is a full service electrical contracting company servicing residential, commercial and industrial customers in Los Angeles providing full capability electrical contracting for new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, service upgrades, exterior, interior, landscape lighting, retrofits, service installations and repair. It doesn’t stop there. Stop off at the store. They have an excellent selection for less. Great store. Great People.

Lee Adult Homes Campaign

Andrew Lee, as the CEO and Founder has spent over twenty years with his wife Amyre Lee, establishing the Lee Adult Homes, an organization that manages the 24/7 residential care of eight (8) young adults with severe Intellectual Developmental Disabilities. Lee Adult Homes have developed tailored care programs to meet each special needs resident’s requirements for a structured, active lifestyle basing their programs on a holistic, organic- based diet, vocational and self-help skills and daily community activities, while offering interventions, enabling individuals to live safely in the least restrictive residential setting, to support each person to reach their full potential.

BioCorrect and Optimizing Metabolism

Creating imagery and sound for Arbor Vitae was a one of those quests our team enjoyed thoroughly. After working with Dr. Gregory Tefft, John Brubaker and Peter Lambe and the others we have working with Dr. Gregory Tefft to change the brands from Arbor Vitae Nutrition and BioCurent to BioCorrect Nutrition.

BioCorrect Nutrition is all about a comprehensive personalized analysis of your health.  According to lab tests, 98.7% of Americans tested have significant metabolic, nutrient and toxic metal imbalances.  The BNA™ (bio-nutrient analysis) is the first step in our Geno-Metabolic Supercharging System. The BNA™ is a clinically-proven lab test measuring 36 intracellular mineral levels in your hair and how your cells utilize them.

Your BNA report provides: 

  • Mineral & toxic metal excess and deficiency profiles
  • Geno-Metabolic Activity status
  • Metabolic Rate Type Hormone and glandular status
  • Health and symptomatic impacts
  • Disease tendency assessment
  • Personalized food & nutraceutical supplement plan 

You’ll find a wealth of knowledge on our website, and support by email or phone if you have questions.  We support our active duty US military and law enforcement personnel. 

Here’s a commercial we shot. Tale a look. We cut a variety of of lengths to fit the release schedule/

by Ron Cobert Director/DP