Optimized Metabolism

Creating imagery and sound for Arbor Vitae was a one of those quests our team enjoyed thoroughly. Working with Dr. Gregory Tefft, John Brubaker and Peter Lambe and the others was that informative and interesting, so much relevant information that digs deep into biotech and health care that is never discussed.

Arbor Vitae Nutrition is all about a comprehensive personalized analysis of your health.  According to lab tests, 98.7% of Americans tested have significant metabolic, nutrient and toxic metal imbalances.  The BNA™ (bio-nutrient analysis) is the first step in our Geno-Metabolic Supercharging System. The BNA™ is a clinically-proven lab test measuring 36 intracellular mineral levels in your hair and how your cells utilize them.

Your BNA report provides: 

  • Mineral & toxic metal excess and deficiency profiles
  • Geno-Metabolic Activity status
  • Metabolic Rate Type Hormone and glandular status
  • Health and symptomatic impacts
  • Disease tendency assessment
  • Personalized food & nutraceutical supplement plan 

You’ll find a wealth of knowledge on our website, and support by email or phone if you have questions.  We support our active duty US military and law enforcement personnel. 

Here’s a commercial we shot. Tale a look. We cut a variety of of lengths to fit the release schedule/

Arbor Vitae Nutrition

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Arbor Vitae Nutrition
by Ron Cobert Director/DP
Produced by John Brubaker, Peter Lambe and Ron Cobert

Website and Commercial for Autistic

You want a safe place to take your family member too, Lee Adult Homes manages homes for adults on the spectrum.

Here is the https://leeadulthomes.org/ website we create.

Here is the commercial we did for their 501c3 Non-Profit Bridges to Home entity.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Soare is widely referred to as “The Definitive Brow and Eye Expert” or “The Brow Queen” for good reason. She’s a dynamic, iconic lady in an industry carved for herself by developing her own eyebrow culture, far ahead of the competition. Her arch shaping art is so sought after by stars, royalty, prodigies, and public figures, traveling from afar just to get the chance for that periodic pampered moment. Anastasia’s career started in West Hollywood, and then, she open her own shop in Beverly Hills. In no time, the word spread. Women of all types flocked for the perfect eyebrows, and Anastasia had a hand in the perfection. I’ve seen her in action. She’s a sophisticated lady with precise direction. She’s analytic and mathematic, first analyzing the client’s symmetry by sight, and then swooping in like the fantastic artist she is, passionate to finish a canvas. I little while back, I had the opportunity to lead a campaign for Anastasia’s Brow Kit. Here’s one of many variations based on the 30 minute long-form infomercial structure. Enjoy.

Westlake Fashion Show

We shot for Elizabeth Mason and the National Charity League at a luncheon held at the Four Seasons’ ballroom in Westlake Village, Ca. Most of the girls I cast were from Maria Model Management. Thanks Maria. The others were girls I knew. On a star note, Alexis Knapp, the blonde in the fuchsia dress, has become a successful actress. Follow her, she’s on her way to stardom.