Video Commercials

Types of Video Commercials

Video has always been the most effective strategy we can use to connect with your audience. Consumers love watching video. More than ever, there is access to so many devices and their users. Engaging video content is difficult to resist.  Now video advertising is finally affordable –and deliverable to millions of consumers who are waiting for the next cool spot.

360°/VR is an immersive-style videos use fisheye lenses to place users in the center of the action, allowing them to pan around the room with their smart device. As live-stream videos continue to dominate, 360° video content is also sure to evolve. Therefore, it’s a good move to get on board now, whether we are covering an industry event or just have fun exploring your office.

Animation is a fantastic way for small businesses on a budget to try video content. For bigger brands, especially those with technical products, animation videos are a great way of breaking down complicated subjects and features into an easy-to-digest medium that anybody can understand.

Behind-the-Scenes is all about the company’s culture. Not only does this type of video motivates employees, it captivates consumers. It reveals your company’s culture, and puts faces to the names of those on your team, capturing how your team interacts with each other. Showing some light hearted office pranks, brainstorming sessions and events of all together, your followers can see the design of your office, how you dress and what your personalities are like.

Brand Film is long-form types of video content dive deep into your brand vision and values. We can get creative with brand storytelling and cinematic production to present your brand in a light that attracts your people resulting in long lasting media that can be licensed. We integrate the brand deep into the story, and brand your product or service, and, the film itself becomes intellectual property that is licensable for years to come.

Contests and Giveaways continue to be a great way by promoting a giveaway or raffle on social media. All it takes is one or two short videos to drum up some interest. We can combine this with all the other types of video, whether winners are announced in a live-stream or as part of an social media series, revealing runners-up, then announcing the winners. A  giveaway can quickly draw a large audience causing people to share and spread brand awareness.

Email with Video with a catchy subject line that mentions “video” it’s hard to ignore. Once your recipients open a video email, that short spot will highlight  the benefits for them and we ask them for a response, “Call Now” “Buy Now” “For More Information” becomes the perfect link to cut to the chase.

Event video shows just how exciting and exclusive the party is to an audience. They wish they were there, or they brag they were there. This fosters brand recognition as a company with its finger on the pulse. Even further, members will pay to watch remotely even. Presentations with experts offer on stage information that can prove your company is on the right path, and, it allows your company to pitch for more investors.

Interview Show establishes brand authority, allowing you to align your brand with an inspiring leader or respected voice. This 1-on-1 establishes a kinship and mutual respect with someone worthy of participation. It establishes you as worthy. It’s a form of respect in your industry to be at the forefront, asking hard-hitting questions, guiding the guest to discuss hot topics and trends and pushing to reveal exclusive news or a trade secrets.  As well, your guests and their network then share the videos amplifying the reach and driving more traffic your way.

Live Streaming is all about going live anyplace anytime. Any type of video can be live streamed.  Viewers can join in a conversation as the video unfolds, satisfying the need to have instant gratification, making viewers feel as if they are there. It’s live, so there will be mistakes. Well planned and executed scenarios is essential.

Review or Webinar is for consumers who are in the consideration phase of the customer journey. By reviewing, you can answer common questions, dispel doubts and show viewers the unique benefits that your product or service offers. This gives prospects all the information they need to make purchasing decisions, whether you’re reviewing a product with an existing customer, or doing a roundtable panel discussion with several gurus in your niche. It is the community that will drive the awareness that you know what you are talking about.

Selfie Video screams of an intimate experience. It’s effective and almost anything goes until it doesn’t. A plan should be thought out before this is implemented. Impromptu is cool but still you have to plan. Nothing worse than a drunk rant or an inarticulate session. This can do more harm than good.

Testimonials is about filming an existing customer who is happy with your brand. You can create a competition to attract more entries. They most communicate that your brand solves a problem and provides the solution.  A testimonial shows the audience happy customers highlighting their favorite features. In the process, they reveal some unadvertised benefits that customers will receive from your brand’s product or service.

Tutorial/How To videos are all about a free tutorial. It’s a great way to build up reputation that you care to help people. Earning trust can lead to a sale.

User-Generated Content  is all about inviting customers to contribute videos, encouraging people to send in videos of themselves using your products. When using our actor and influencers, it can be super win-win.

Vlogs or Video Blogs is a way to establish a unique brand voice and personable image that resonates with your target market.  There’s an authentic approach, relatable and human quality about this approach that attracts an audience that doesn’t like slick corporate production.