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Ron Cobert’s Commercial tells how, with 25 years of expertise, The Win Project nonprofit stands tall in urban housing development. The Los Angeles area continues to show a rise in homelessness. Every night, over 50,000 people live outside, but there is hope. The Win Project has been the bedrock of many urban communities, partnering seamlessly with private developers, agencies, and municipalities. In every housing development, The Win Project ensures affordability and quality. We are a beacon for low-income home buyers, assisting them to access special homeownership programs like the First Home Mortgage Program and the Home Ownership Program. Imagine neighborhoods where pride and prosperity flourish, where local job opportunities thrive. Be a part of this incredible journey. Together, let’s reinvent communities and restore dreams. Contact us today and participate in the blossoming affordable housing. The WIN Project transforms blight into beacons of hope, bringing home ownership and stability. Visit and donate today, Ad Agency: OhYeahLive ( Filmmaker and Voiceover: Ron Cobert Client: