About Us

Ohyeahlive Advertising promotes and enhances a brand’s visibility, image, and market presence. Most essentially, we do intensive market research, establish a brand strategy, create creative campaign concepts, media planning and buying, digital marketing, public relations, analytics and measurement, budget management, provide creative services, brand consistency, campaign optimization, and relationship building to develop and execute effective campaigns that drive short-term results and contribute to long-term brand growth and success to enhance the brand’s reach and credibility.

Committed to client success, OhYeahLive specializes in developing brand messages to maximize market share and profits, utilizing a team of passionate professionals and cutting-edge tools for swift and positive ROI results. Our international reach, including small and midsize businesses, is facilitated by a detailed approach to logistics, marketing prowess, content creation, and tech proficiency.

Ron Cobert, President of OhYeahLive, leads a dynamic full-service advertising agency offering a comprehensive 365 approach for companies aiming to grow across diverse channels. As CEO of Sunscope Entertainment, Cobert brings an extensive background in episodic TV and film, creating and distributing music, film, and TV worldwide to over 100 countries. Ron Cobert is valuable for any advertising campaign and entertainment intellectual property.

Positioned at the intersection of content creation, marketing, consultancy, media buying, and data intelligence, OhYeahLive serves industries such as apparel and accessories, biotech, literary, entertainment, fragrance, golf, health and medical, insurance, law, lighting, music, non-profit, real estate, restaurant, and security.

With a keen understanding of market trends and consumer behavior, our team crafts innovative and impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences. From conceptualization to execution, our cohesive unit collaborates to deliver comprehensive advertising solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs and objectives. The Ohyeahlive team ensures that every aspect of the advertising process is executed seamlessly, driving success and maximizing the impact of each campaign.