Original Mona Lisa Restaurant Campaign

Film by Ron Cobert for Founder of the Original Mona Lisa Restaurant, Denise Ittenbach Tel. 909-335-0818

Talent: Christopher Medeiros, Ron Cobert, Ozioma Ozonoh, Joylinx Ozonoh, Jeany Glasgow, Laurie Marschen, Anthony Mangione, Jennifer Kendrick, Irene Rael, Irene Rael, Jenna Monteilh, Mary Kate Groningger, Ashley Mangione, Brooke Kendrick, Alexus Hamilton, Demari Roberson, Cody Torbert, Quenton Torbert, Jonathan Monteilh, JosefAlemeri, Marta Besunder, Robert Rexx

Innovative Marketing: A Dash of Uniqueness

In the competitive restaurant industry, standing out is essential. That’s where innovative marketing comes into play. Unique flavor to her restaurant’s identity, from funny commercials to engaging social media campaigns that create a buzz to experiential events that offer a taste of the restaurant’s soul, our marketing efforts generate a narrative that resonates with patrons and keeps them coming back for seconds.


A Recipe for Success: Partnering with Denise Ittenbach to Elevate Restaurant Profitability

In the world of advertising, few partnerships have the potential to be as fruitful and satisfying as the one forged with a client who not only understands the nuances of the industry but also possesses an unwavering commitment to excellence. This sentiment rings true when working with Denise Ittenbach, a remarkable individual whose dedication to her restaurant’s success has created a synergy that blends strategic content, innovative marketing, and cutting-edge technology into a transformative package.

The Magic of Synergy

Collaborating with Denise Ittenbach is a testament to the magic that happens when vision and execution align seamlessly. Her profound understanding of her restaurant’s essence and our expertise in advertising has resulted in a concoction that yields remarkable results. 

The Restaurant

Original Mona Lisa Restaurant Campaign consisted of comedic culturally rich campaign celebrate and Italian culture and cuisine. It’s all about respect, excellence in hospitality, authenticity, teamwork and sustainability.

For the best Italian food in Redlands, the Original Mona Lisa serves delicious subs, salads, and pasta dishes at 1405 West Colton Avenue, Redlands. See us at the restaurant or drive-thru, or for catering, call us at 909-335-0818. We’d love to cook homemade Italian for you.

The Original Mona Lisa has some great history including being the go to location for the inspiration of the creators of the TV Show, CHEERS.