Malibu Mountain’s DUrban’s Elegant Wear

Where the scenic beauty of the Malibu Mountains served as the perfect backdrop for an elegant and mesmerizing creative endeavor for D’URBAN’s elegant wear brand commercial production advertising campaign by the multi-talented Ron Cobert, whose expertise in producing, directing, and shooting sets the tone for attracting millions in sales against this natural canvas.

Tomomi Suzuki coordinated with Ron, and actors Manami Takahashi and Norman Reedus stepped into their roles with grace and charisma, seamlessly embodying the essence. Here, with Manami to the left and Norman Reedus to the right, Ron in the middle, is seen directing the most perfect moment of touch.

Jonathan West captures the behind-the-scenes shot. The steel, glass, style, and the Malibu mountains transformed into a visual symphony of timeless elegance.