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How to Add a Twitter Follow Button:

Visit and select “Twitter Buttons” to customize your button’s featured account (i.e. the account you want people to follow).

Social Media Buttons for Facebook

1. Facebook Page Plugin

What It’s For:

The Facebook Page Plugin enables you to promote your business’ Facebook Page on your website/blog, highlight other users who have already Liked your page, display your follower count, and feature recent posts on your page.

The box also allows visitors to like your Facebook Business Page with just one click — without leaving your site — enabling you to promote your Facebook presence and easily increase your page’s Likes.

How to Add a Facebook Page Plugin:

To generate a Facebook Like Box for your website, visit Include the vanity URL for your Facebook Page as well as your customization preferences. Then generate the code (available in HTML5, XFBML, IFRAME, or a URL), and place it on your website where you want it to appear.

2. Facebook Like Button

What It’s For:

Facebook’s Like Button is a button that enables users to easily give your content a virtual thumbs up. By clicking the Like Button, a story also appears on the user’s Facebook Timeline and in their friends’ News Feeds with a link back to your content, whether it’s a blog post or a specific landing page.

Use this button to make it easy for visitors to endorse your content and share it with their Facebook connections, but keep in mind this button doesn’t allow them to add personalized messages to links before sharing them. To allow users to add a personalized message, use the Facebook Share Button (see below).

How to Add a Facebook Like Button:

Visit to customize your Like Button and grab the code (available in HTML5, XFBML, IFRAME, or a URL) to place on your website.

facebook developer like plugin

See it in action:

3. Facebook Share Button

What It’s For:

Facebook’s Share Button acts similarly to the Like Button (sharing your content on their Timeline and in friends’ News Feeds), but it also gives users the option of adding a comment or message to the link when sharing it. This button also allows them to share the content in other ways — in Facebook Groups and in Facebook Messages to specific users.

How to Add a Facebook Share Button:

To generate a Facebook Share Button, visit and specify the URL you want people to share as well as the width. Then generate the codeand paste it into your site where you want the button to appear. (Note: The share button is only available in HTML5 or XFBML, and it requires the JavaScript SDK.)

See it in action:

4. Facebook Anchor Text Share Links

What They’re For:

There may be times when you prefer to use an anchor text share link over a button. These links are easy to create and can be added to web pages, blog articles, landing pages, or within content like ebooks and whitepapers.

How to Add Facebook Anchor Text Share Links:

To create your own Facebook share links, replace the orange section of the URL, below, with the URL of the content you want to promote. Then link the full URL to the anchor text you want to appear in your content. One in Action:

Share This Post on Facebook!

More Facebook Buttons: We’ve covered the most commonly used social media buttons for your business here, but to find all of Facebook’s official social media plugins in one place, visit

Social Media Buttons for LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn Follow Company Plugin

What It’s For:

The LinkedIn Follow Company Plugin, similar to Twitter and Facebook’s follow buttons, makes it easy for visitors to follow your Company Page on LinkedIn. This enables you to increase your business’ reach on LinkedIn.

How to Add a LinkedIn Follow Company Plugin:

Visit to configure your button. There are a few different styles to choose from, with options to show your follower count above, to the right, or not at all.

Next, copy the HTML script, replacing the “data-id=1337” part with your own company’s ID number. You can find this under the admin section of your company page.

How They Look

linkedin company plugin button

2. LinkedIn Share Button

What It’s For:

Adding LinkedIn’s Share Button enables visitors to easily share your content with their connections on LinkedIn, whether it be a blog post, a landing page, or another web page. Like Facebook’s Like and Share Buttons and Twitter’s Tweet Button, incorporating this button can help extend the reach of your content to the LinkedIn audience and drive traffic back to your site.

How to Add a LinkedIn Share Button:

To create and install this button, visit, and copy the HTML code. Then, swap out the data-url=”” with whichever URL you’d like visitors to share, i.e. the blog post visitors are reading or the web page they’ve landed on.

linkedin share button

More LinkedIn Buttons: Although we’ve covered the most commonly used buttons above, you can find all of LinkedIn’s official social media buttons and plugins in one place at

Social Media Buttons for YouTube

1. YouTube Subscribe Button

What It’s For:

This button is an easy way for an organization to promote their YouTube video channels. You can embed this button on your homepage or ‘Contact Us’ page to increase the reach of the content you promote on your channel and to increase your subscriber base.

How to Add a YouTube Subscribe Button:

To create a YouTube Subscribe Button, visit, enter the name of your company’s YouTube channel, select a button size and color theme, decide whether you want to display your logo, and decide whether you want to display your follower count shown or hidden. Then, copy and paste the code onto your website where you’d like the button to appear.

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