D’Urban Menswear Campaign

New York, NYC — Renowned photographer Ron Cobert recently added another feather to his cap with a stunning ad campaign for Durban shooting in the studio. Using film and his trusty Mamiya RZ67, Ron Cobert captured the essence of Durban in a series of images that have taken the advertising world by storm.

The campaign features the model David Smith. The images are bold and evocative. Capturing the unique beauty of Durban design, showcasing the clothing vibrancy and energy in a way only Ron Cobert could. Every detail, from the lighting to the composition, has been carefully thought out, resulting in breathtaking images.

The art direction by Zentaro Shinohara is nothing short of spectacular, adding a layer of sophistication and elegance to the entire project. Tomomi Suzuki, the coordinator, assisted Cobert in bringing it all together.
The images have a timeless quality and depth, indeed a celebration of Durban’s unique beauty.