Publish your DBA

Publication Only – $99

If you have already filed your documents with the County Clerk you can use this system to process your mandatory four week legal publication.

California law requires legal publications for the following legal documents (may not be a complete list):

  • New Fictitious Business Name Filing (DBA/FBN)
  • Amended Fictitious Business Name Filing (DBA/FBN)
  • Statement of Abandonment (Business Closure)
  • Withdrawal From Partnerships
  • California law requires you to publish these documents in a local court approved newspaper for 4 weeks

California law requires submit for publication within 30 calendar days from your initial filing date.

All newspapers have print deadlines and different publication dates. This means that you must process the publication much earlier than your actual deadline. We recommend processing your publication at least 12 days before your deadline.

How it Works

Please process your publication using our simple to use online system. Once you complete your request, our office will review and queue your document for publication.

You will receive an email containing a copy of your publication. Afterwards, your document will be published for the required four weeks.

Once complete, our office will file the Proof of Publication with the County Clerk’s office and email you a copy.

Why Choose Us?

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