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Measuring Campaigns

21 Sep , 2015,
Ron Cobert
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  • Creating and conducting targeted marketing campaigns (SMS, MMS, CC, e-mail, direct mail) mainly aimed at retention and increase customer loyalty
  • Developing A/B testing, regional and seasonal price promotions for ‘high yield’​ customers
  • Creating predictive models for ‘high yield’​ customers
  • Creating analytical reports (SAS, SQL, Tableau)
  • LTV analysis based on customer needs/values/service usage profiles
  • Retain vs. Acquire analysis\Designing customer surveys campaigns
  • Creating marketing products for effective retention ‘high yield’ customers


Brand Identity

13 Apr , 2014,
Ron Cobert
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“If you’re not into brand identity, you better get in the mix. Emotional stories create lasting experiences. Visual Content with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram have increased the demand for visuals and sound. No longer is it the major networks and magazines controlling what we see and and hear.”

Here are 25 of the most valuable brands, why?