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Measuring Campaigns

21 Sep , 2015,
Ron Cobert
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  • Creating and conducting targeted marketing campaigns (SMS, MMS, CC, e-mail, direct mail) mainly aimed at retention and increase customer loyalty
  • Developing A/B testing, regional and seasonal price promotions for ‘high yield’​ customers
  • Creating predictive models for ‘high yield’​ customers
  • Creating analytical reports (SAS, SQL, Tableau)
  • LTV analysis based on customer needs/values/service usage profiles
  • Retain vs. Acquire analysis\Designing customer surveys campaigns
  • Creating marketing products for effective retention ‘high yield’ customers


Photo & Video

1 Jun , 2015,
Ron Cobert
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Custom Websites

Jun , 2015,
Ron Cobert
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Creating custom, state of the art, virtually engaging, functionally advanced, responsive websites within 14-30 days depending on the communication with the client and the add-ons. Call for a free consultation, call to 323-306-6872


24 Jul , 2014,
Ron Cobert
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OhYeahLive is a full service advertising company that provides new digital media as well as the traditional print and television services, from business development to all media, OhYeahLive caters to an array of industries. We get the story out to the audience. Content driven, brand identity, management, functionality, seeding, blogging, cost per click (CPC), media buy, cost per thousand impressions (CPM), banner ads, campaign viral-ability, we pride ourselves as BRAND ENHANCERS who increase your company’s exposure and profit. The global stage is available. Call Us to Join the Arena (310) 415 – 7285. — Ron Cobert, Founder

Brand Identity

13 Apr , 2014,
Ron Cobert
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“If you’re not into brand identity, you better get in the mix. Emotional stories create lasting experiences. Visual Content with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram have increased the demand for visuals and sound. No longer is it the major networks and magazines controlling what we see and and hear.”

Here are 25 of the most valuable brands, why?